Business owners

You have created an amazing business. Let us help you to take a step back from the daily grind and identify any inherent risks that can be removed. We want to ensure that your assets are protected and build real wealth away from the business to diversify your financial position.

You may find yourself

  • Thinking about a succession plan
  • Thinking about identifying a buyer for your business, with a guaranteed price and terms
  • Protection of personal assets if the business suffers hardship or litigation
  • Unsure what happens if a business partner leaves, dies or just retires
  • How to cover the fixed expenses of the business if you can’t work
  • How do you protect key people within the business – the rainmakers and the capital providers
  • How to formalize a partnership agreement
  • How to use a Self Managed Super Fund to buy your commercial premise
  • Diversifying investments to separate your personal assets from the business assets
  • How to payout their estate and retain control of the business