Cramping up in Noosa!

I recently completed my 2nd Noosa triathlon. It’s an Olympic distance event (the biggest in the world) where for some reason people enjoy the swim 1500m, ride 40km, then run 10km. We race against the clock, but for the amateur racers, we race ourselves. I had done a fair bit of training and felt confident leading into the last week of the event. I was going to beat my PB of 2 hours 40 minutes. However here is where I made the conscious decision to ruin my race.

The excuses (which are all first world problems):

  • Hong Kong for a week leading into the race adding 3.2kg’s of ‘çarb loading’
  • Jet lag and sleep deprived for the race
  • Completely unorganised – the only one to check in my bike and pick up my gear the morning of the tri at 4:30am (everyone else managed it the day before).
  • Our new baby, time poor, business commitments, etc etc

Whilst I had trained well for 6 months, I threw it all away in that last week in the excitement of Hong Kong. As a result, I struggled through every leg, cramped up, blistered and generally hated every moment of pain (especially the hot run).

As we sat at the Noosa surf club that afternoon (again, a first world problem), I stewed on why I didn’t perform. I am usually super organised, competitive and goal driven. I failed this last goal of beating my PB in the bright lights of Hong Kong… I had a plan, but deviated for JUST one week and it negatively affected the result significantly. Just one week out of 6 months though… that one week cost me 10-15 minutes in the race.

So why am I documenting this failure to perform at my best and achieve my goals?  Because I see this every single day at work when we meet new clients and talk about their finances.  Prospective clients are doing a good job with their finances, but one accident, illness or event that is unexpected can cause significant financial and emotional pressure.

Some clients come to us surviving, paying their bills, paying their taxes without query, looking at their super balance when the statement is received without understanding its components, paying their home loan and simply hoping to be in a strong financial position, but with no real control of the outcome or their future. They are in a sound position yet exposed to the unexpected, they have a huge opportunity to do so much better.

If something completely unexpected happens – a car crash, investments collapse, lose a job, severe illness or even death of a loved one. Without a plan or at least a ‘plan B’, it can take those people a life time to recover (if they recover at all).   Their emotional stresses are multiplied by financial stresses and it becomes so difficult to climb out of that rut and ‘get ahead’.  I keep coming back to our lovely clients Katy, Jez and Zara, whose life changed as a truck crashed into their vehicle on holidays. Katy is young, bright, smart business woman with a great family, but luckily she had a plan B – not everyone does.

We help our clients not only develop that plan, but give them the education, understanding and knowledge to be make consistently great decisions to help them achieve their goals.   A financial planner shouldn’t be a luxury item, every Australian should have one. We have clients from graduates, right through to highly complicated business owners with multimillion dollar portfolios.  Our first appointment is free, so you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Yes, we talk about all the boring things like super, investing, retirement planning, income protection etc, but we focus on the results and our client’s goals.  Once our clients engage us, they become members of the Fortress Family, and we strive to be with them throughout their lives – making great decisions at each step of their life journey.

Don’t let one week, or one unexpected moment derail your lives forever and get advice.  Be consistently great, and we can help keep you accountable.


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Written by Director, Chris Black

Chris Black is an award winning Financial Planner based in Toowoomba who specialises in superannuation, investing, business succession, and cash flow management, retirement planning, personal insurances including life insurance, income protection, total permanent disability and trauma.


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