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It was by chance that I was introduced to financial planning advice more than 40 years ago. A meeting with a school friend highlighted the importance of people being prepared for the speed bumps in life. He showed me a way to be productive and challenged, while enjoying life and helping people. It reinforced my own experiences

What Jack does, is a complete change from where he thought he would be as an engineer, architect or farmer because of his interest and skills in those areas. From that day to this Jack has met and worked in the financial services industry with people from all walks of life; shared in their stories and shared his own.

Financial advice is a relationship industry and he thrive in it because he likes and enjoys people.

It gives Jack satisfaction to know that he has provided his clients with a financial solution that minimises the speed bumps in life; helping to equip them to have a smoother journey.

Jack views his client relationships as a long term commitment where he provides help during times of crisis as well as comprehensively servicing individual packages.

He believes that we have to accept that change is inevitable. We go through many different stages in our lives; personally and financially. Understanding how to work with change is the key to success.

Throughout the years, Jack has happily given his time towards animal welfare as the Chairman of the Friends of the RSPCA in Toowoomba and in the Million Paws Walk. He believes there is nothing more loyal and welcoming than your own family pet.

Having been a keen sportsman and a sports enthusiast, for over a decade he was also involved in coaching junior sport.

Jack’s background helps him understand and appreciate urban and rural life. He was a student at Churchie in east Brisbane and worked for six years at AMP Brisbane. Jack understands small business and likes to take this knowledge to other urban and rural businesses.

When Jack is not in the office or the garden you can usually find him entertaining with friends, fishing, or maintaining the family acreage north of Toowoomba with his family.

Qualifications: Advanced Diploma Financial Services (Financial Planning)

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