Protecting your Business

Talk to us today about protecting yourself and your business through insurance and succession planning. Our consultative approach means that you will be given all the options and education required to make a sound decision to protect your livelihood.

Business Succession and Protection?

Does your business have a succession plan, or would it wind up on the death of a partner? Do you have a guaranteed buyer ready to pay an agreed price for your business if you die or become disabled? Could you adequately compensate the widow of a former business partner, or would you be happy to go into business with them?

We ask the Right Questions

These questions are important to ensure that your business (and the people who make it profitable) are protected. Gallagher is passionate about protecting local business owners. Succession planning is a vital aspect for all business owners, especially if your business has:

  • two or more owners
  • a key person that provides a substantial portion of business revenue
  • a key person that provides capital to the business