The Office Experience

What impression does your office leave with your clients?

Small details can let down even the most impressive businesses.  You only get one chance to make a first impression, and for most businesses, this starts with their office.  Ripped furniture, chipping paint & funky smells do not make people want to visit you.  Clients look for more than just professionalism & cleanliness when choosing services; after all, if you have to go to the dentist, you may as well make it a nice dentist!

To ensure a visit to your office is a wonderful experience for your clients, here are some key factors to focus on:


It’s the vibe of the thing

Ambiance, atmosphere, vibe… whatever you call it, your office needs to have a good one!  Making an office appear bright & welcoming is easy – beside the basics (keep it clean!) there are a number of cheap fixes that instantly make clients feel more at home.  Fresh flowers, a fruit bowl and current magazines are budget-friendly but make a huge impression.


Set yourself apart

At Fortress, we pride ourselves on being family friendly, so we go out of our way to show that children are welcome in our office.  This means keeping the office safe for kids (no cords or sharp edges), having some toys & colouring books ready to go and even displaying some of their artwork.  Not only does it brighten up the office, it makes it easy for our clients to visit us – no need to arrange babysitting!


Take away the fear factor

For many people, a visit to a professional service provider (whether a financial adviser, accountant or lawyer) can be quite intimidating and stressful.  A great way to take away that ‘fear factor’ and make people feel comfortable is to let them know exactly what to expect before their visit.  One way Fortress is doing this is to have some videos posted on our website – allowing Chris to introduce himself and show potential clients around the office.  This way, when they arrive for their first appointment, both the office and Chris seem safe and familiar.


Make it personal

This is easy when you genuinely care about your clients.

Greet them with a smile and take the time to learn about them – remember their birthdays, take note of how they take their coffee and ask about their children’s hobbies.

Remembering small details makes people feel valued and respected.  Building a bond with your clients makes them more likely to recommend you to others, and less likely to use a competitor down the road.  Did they mention they were competing in a triathlon last time you spoke?  Ask them how it went.

Besides these practical reasons, it is also just a lovely feeling to truly connect with your clients! The more you know about them & their lifestyles, the more relevant advice you can provide.

Let us know what you do to make sure your clients love visiting your office.


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Written by Emma Linton Doig, Practice Officer at Fortress Financial Solutions

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