The value of a financial adviser

Investing is complicated, and many people find it difficult to decide how to grow their money. A financial adviser can position you to reach your long-term investment objectives, by providing tailored strategies for you. A great adviser will also build a relationship with you that goes beyond managing your money and results in you feeling educated about your choices.


Financial advisers know the process

We don’t merely pick shares or recommend investments – we carefully analyse your personal circumstances and assess the market environment to develop your investment strategy.

An experienced financial adviser has the training and insight to:

✓ Understand your goals, your objectives, and your reasons for investing.
✓ Help create an investment strategy that can meet both your short and long-term needs.
✓ Explain an array of investments from traditional shares and bonds to exchange-traded funds, superannuation, and other investment vehicles and determine how they fit into your financial plan.
✓ Act as an effective behavioural coach to keep you focused on your goals.

In real terms, we can offer strategic planning, discipline, and monitoring that can add real value to your portfolio, further positioning you for long-term success.


Your tailored investment strategy

A carefully planned investment strategy is a practical way that we can help you maintain the discipline you need to reach your investment goals.

The first step in creating an investment strategy is to work with us to understand your current situation and decide what you want to achieve with your portfolio. Together, we need to determine your investment goals, risk tolerance and timeframe.

We will ask you questions about your current investments, the amount you plan to invest and your investment time frame, the level of risk you’re comfortable with, and the return you expect from your portfolio.

Periodically, we will revisit your investment strategy to ensure that your portfolio is on track and, if needed, make any necessary adjustments.


Face your fears

CoreData surveyed 1,000 Australians in 2017 to ascertain their feelings after receiving financial advice. Of those who received advice, 80% said they felt more confident making financial decisions as a result and the same proportion believe advice has brought them more peace of mind. And 75% take a view that financial advice is worth more than it costs.


Despite these clear benefits, nearly nine million Australians have unmet financial advice needs. The research showed many people felt they didn’t have enough money to warrant seeing an adviser, whilst others feared being told their dreams were unachievable.  For others, it was a case of leaving it until retirement because they were too busy and managing their money well enough whilst they earned a regular income. But the benefits of financial planning can be enjoyed now, and later, according to CoreData Principal Economic Researcher, Andrew Inwood.

“Good advice does, of course, make you wealthier at retirement, but it also adds value all the way through your life in the choices you can afford to make about schooling, insurance, holidays, housing and personal interests,” says Andrew.


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