Three Signs You Need To See a Financial Planner

No matter where you are in life, there are times when expert advice can make all the difference, especially when it involves something as important as your hard-earned money. Here are three signs for when you should seek professional advice about your personal finances:


You are about to make a major financial decision

About to buy your first home, start a new business, or perhaps finally enter a long, blissful retirement? We all face defining moments throughout our lives and most of them involve major financial decisions. A financial planner can help you focus on the important things and steer you clear of any pitfalls. This in turn will give you the confidence to make the very best decisions for you and your family, while ensuring your financial future is in safe hands.


You don’t have a plan for when things go wrong

Nothing is certain in life – except death and taxes, or so the saying goes. As morbid as that sounds, most of us could face losing our job, our business and possibly even our family home if disaster were to strike. A financial planner can help you identify risks and recommend the right insurance strategy to protect you, your family and your future lifestyle. This means you can focus on your health and family, rather than worrying about your finances if the worst were to happen.


You’re not sure you’ll have enough money to retire

According to 2016 figures*, a couple needs at least $58,922 per year to maintain a ‘comfortable’ retirement. Multiply that by 30 years and…well, you do the math! Understanding your Super and knowing how to maximise your savings can be tricky. A financial planner can help you consolidate your funds, advise on how best to invest your money, and show you how to reduce your taxable income while boosting your superannuation balance to successfully grow your nest egg.


HOT TIP! Use the Retirement Planner to find out what income you are likely to have from Super and the Age Pension when you retire.



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