What to expect

Become a valued member of the Fortress family

Becoming part of the “Fortress Family” is an investment in your future. We understand that everyone is different and that is why we provide personalised and individual plans for each client.

We are committed to:

  • Building and protecting your wealth
  • Nurturing a long-term relationship with you
  • Helping you to set realistic personal goals
  • Keeping you on track financially
  • Identifying changes, market updates or product improvements
  • Developing your financial education
  • Earning and keeping your trust

How to Join the Fortress Family

Before we meet

Before attending the first appointment, think about why you want to build and protect your wealth. What is important to you and your family? Do you want to retire early? Do you want to protect against death or disability? Do you want work less so that you can spend more time with the family or travel? In addition to these personal goals, bring as much information about your current situation as possible including superannuation statements, insurances, investments, loan details and anything else relevant to your finances.

Our first date

We start by giving an honest assessment of your current financial position (yikes), identifying your personal goals then developing a comprehensive plan. It is our oath to ensure our advice leaves you in a better financial position than you were in before you joined the Fortress Family. We believe in our process so much that we cover the cost of our first meeting (so no reaching for your wallet!)

What is the cost?

If you like us (and we like you), you become part of our Fortress Family! If you chose to receive formal advice from us, advice fees may apply, however, these will be discussed in detail with you first. Our fees depend on how complex your financial situation is, as well as the time involved to research and develop your advice.

We are committed to being totally transparent with any advice or implementation fees, so you can always proceed with confidence.

Prices start at $990 and vary according to the complexity of your situation. There is no cost for our first appointment and we always discuss all fees with you prior to commencing any advice.

Your plan

Once we know your financial goals, we will put together a detailed financial plan called a Statement of Advice (SOA). Our mission is to provide you with exceptional financial guidance that is relevant and transparent, so we don’t just provide a financial plan. We give you great advice that will keep delivering great outcomes, both now and into the future. We will hold your hand throughout the implementation journey (because who doesn’t love holding hands?)

Our second date

We understand that financial plans can be overwhelming (and boring), so we will always meet with you to comprehensively explain our advice. We are strongly focused on education to ensure you are empowered and committed to reaching your financial goals. We always welcome you to question and clarify the advice – we love being put through our paces!

Taking action

Once you are confident with your new financial strategy and recommendations, together we will implement the plan. Because you have better things to do, we will complete the necessary application forms and paperwork. We will work with insurers to arrange any assessments you need, and will also negotiate the best terms possible for you.

Our annual coffee

Once you are in the Fortress Family, you are a member for life! We will catch up for an annual coffee date to keep you on track and adjust your plan when relevant. Not only does this allow us to provide ongoing support and keep you up-to-date with any market changes, it also lets us find out what’s new with you!